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Logan Echolls [userpic]

The Interview

July 9th, 2009 (09:45 pm)

Logan's early for something for what is possibly the first time in his life.

He really wants a job. And this job - well. It's in film - working for The New York Film Festival, no less. And by 'in film,' Greg explains, he'll be sorting submissions into categories. It's not exactly glamorous. Nor does it pay particularly well. But with no real experience and no direction, Logan knows he's lucky to have a shot at anything at all.

He only got the interview because Greg's father and the guy who runs the submissions department, John Travers, are friends.

On the plus side, the interview goes well. Logan's enthusiastic, able to speak knowledgeably about the festival (thank God for Google) and some former films that made a mark there.

Logan stands to shake the interviewer's hand when it concludes. Mr. Travers is kind, polite, professional, and offers no insight as to whether or not Logan got the job.

It's time to play the waiting game again.

Logan Echolls [userpic]


April 13th, 2009 (10:20 pm)

Logan gets to New York with something he didn't have a day ago: A plan.

It's not much of a plan, but it's enough of one that he feels like he can call Trina for the first time since leaving California.

She's not exactly pleased with him, and lets him know, in no uncertain terms, that if he ever disappears and fails to call her in the future, he will regret it.

Those aren't her exact words, but it's the gist of what she said.

Logan apologizes, and then explains his next steps.

"I'm going to be staying with a friend from high school - you probably don't remember Greg, but he's at Columbia, has some fancy apartment on the Upper West side."

Financed by his parents, of course, but then, Greg's doing what he's supposed to do. Going to college moving forward with his life. Growing up.

Maybe Logan can pick up a few pointers on that.

"Anyway, guess it's big enough that I can crash there until I'm on my feet. Find a job, help me sell my car, you know. It'll all be fine."

They chat for a few more minutes - mostly about Eliza. Trina promises to e-mail photos and Logan promises not to leave her hanging again. He hangs up and drives into the city, ready to face whatever comes next.

Logan Echolls [userpic]

Locked away

March 22nd, 2009 (10:58 pm)

The door closes behind Meg with an ominous 'thud.' It sounds like doom, and it echoes even more ominously.

"Hey!" Logan yells, startled by this unexpected turn of events. He bangs on the door loudly and yells again, with little hope of an answer. It was a very deliberate action on the part of Lord Julius, and from the condition of that room, it's unlikely that anyone else has been there for a long, long time.

Still, the banging relieves Logan's feelings. When his hand is sore, he turns back to Meg. "So. I guess we're captured."

He takes a moment to survey the room. There's a long, thin window far above them, giving enough light to show the room's contents. A desk and chair, free of dust, with a few papers, a quill and a candle on it. Some boxes. And, luckily, a box of matches.

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Time to move on

March 15th, 2009 (10:13 pm)

By the end of the week, the car is fixed and Logan's ready to move on down the road.

It's harder to leave than he'd expected. Not because he had any deep love for Ohio, or for the diner, but because he's made a connection with Annie.

It's not anything he can name - it's not a crush, not really. But he feels at ease around her in ways he's never felt around anyone else in this world. In Milliways, perhaps, but not here. She's not interested in his Hollywood tragedy, as E!Entertainment Television likes to call it, but she likes his jokes and his teasing.

He almost wishes he could stay longer, to see if he can tease some of the sadness out of her eyes, or at least get her to tell him enough about her life so he'll know what her 'responsibilities' are.

She never opens up. He doesn't push. It's not like he's going to be a permanent part of her life, and now that his car's fixed, he shouldn't even care.

But on his last day at the diner, he finds every excuse he can to talk to her, tease a laugh out of her. He takes special note of the way her eyes crinkle up when she laughs and how the sunlight plays in her hair when she pours coffee.

And when the day is over, they grab a beer at the roadhouse, talk like normal, and part early, as she's got an early shift the next day.

He never tells her he's leaving.

And when the next day dawns, he's already on the road, determined to get to the city and forget he was ever in a that small town outside Dayton, Ohio.

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Back to work

March 15th, 2009 (09:53 pm)

Logan sees Annie, looking all kinds of cute in her waitress uniform, before she sees him, and greets her cheerfully, hoping they can pretend that last night never happened.

She ignores him.

He sighs, but doesn't give up, keeps trying to chat with her during her shift. She cuts him dead, and he finally stops.

The next day is much the same, except that they're leaving at the same time and Logan refuses to let her go before he can apologize.

"I'm an idiot, okay? I screwed up and I'm sorry. Can we just forget it ever happened and be friends again?"

She pauses, uncertain, then nods. "I don't want to talk about it."

He nods too. "Me either. Just remember, I'm an idiot."

She grins. "That you are, boyo."

The days that follow prove that tension and stupidity can be ignored, as she and he have a grand old time and ignore any weirdness between them.

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Interviewing the palace

March 15th, 2009 (06:46 pm)

Logan and Meg made a list prioritizing the servants they need to talk to. It was easy enough to leave out the bulk of the cleaning staff, the kitchen staff and the stablehands. From there, things got a little complicated.

They've talked to the palace guards (who offered helpful details on the kidnapping, though very little of use about who might be responsible), the chambermaids (only one of whom admitted to noticing anything odd, though the relevance of noises in the corridor was negligible), and Perry and Amy's personal secretaries (who were helpful in determining who knew the King and Queen's schedule). Perry's secretary Alfred is particularly helpful, as he's been keeping Perry's calendar for 18 years, though he could offer no insight into who (besides the evil uncle, obviously) would want the King and Queen out of the way.

Logan and Meg switch gears when a new list arrived with the names of the courtiers who live at the palace. They talk to a few minor nobles (who were silly, scared and worse than useless). They planned to interview Amy's ladies-in-waiting, but tackled the pages first. The young noblemen training for the knighthood were legion and Logan wants through their ranks as quickly as possible.

"There are just way too many people here," Logan says, scratching the name off the latest interview subject. "And too few with any reason to get involved in this kind of harebrained scheme."

Perry and Amy are clearly beloved, as are the Princess Royal and the young heir to the throne. So far, no one's protestations of shock and horror have rung at all false.

Logan Echolls [userpic]

The investigation begins

March 15th, 2009 (06:35 pm)

Their arrival in Amebergeldar is rushed, but Logan had time to grab a camera, a ball point pen and a notebook. He can write with a quill as needed, but it's so much easier to not have to bother. The camera...well. It's always handy to have a way to document evidence, as he learned from Veronica Mars. Even if he isn't nearly as good a photographer as she is, it can't hurt.

Amy leaves them in the Queen's Parlor with the ransom note and places a guard at the door. Logan snaps a shot of the ransom note, just in case it should come to an untimely end (stolen, burned, etc.) and studies it.

She's also left them a list of palace staff on a very, very long scroll, which Logan spreads out on a table and begins to read, taking notes as he goes through it. As he does so, he briefs Meg on what he knows about Ambergeldar.

The pair looks up as Amy returns, having shown the rescue party to the stables and sent them on their way.

"Everybody get off all right?" Logan asks.

Logan Echolls [userpic]

Palace plot for Meg and Logan

March 13th, 2009 (09:35 pm)

1. The plea for help

Amy seeks help from millifriends - in-bar. Logan and Meg are chatting, Amy is pale and tragic, and they go immediately. Well. As soon as Meg is convinced.

2. The investigation begins

Amy provides a list of people to interview - a huge list of staff, guests, visitors. Meg & Logan have to figure out where the hell to start and what to ask. We could start an interrogation here, but it might work better in its own thread.

3. Interrogation 1
Let's start with the page - we can reference all the interviews they've done of other pages and how unhelpful they are.

(Also a good place to reference the chambermaid, who is not involved in the plot in the sligthtest, but has heard odd noises coming from a passageway that has no rooms off of it (or something like this. It's a dead end, but she's hearing things from beyond the wall). Logan and Meg initially dismiss her comments, but later, they will remember them. Perhaps they make a crack about her craziness.)

The page will fold quickly and easily and give up Lord Julius. He will also mention something about the meeting place, which he never was able to find, although he followed Lord Julius on several occasions.

4. Interrogation 2

Lord Julius is a slippery fish and tries to discredit the page. Logan and Meg get nowhere.

5. Snooping around

They get the chambermaid and the page to show them the places they mentioned. Amazingly, it is the same corridor! Which means secret chamber. Logan finds it (convenient leaning? Pulling a torch? Something somewhat cliche and silly.) and he and Meg proceed to snoop around what is clearly a Room for Plotting Dastardly Deeds. They find some pretty solid evidence implicating Lord Julius - a letter to the Evil Uncle - and try to leave with it.

They are caught by Lord Julius as they reenter the hallway. Lord Julius has a very sharp knife, which he threatens the pair with, but Logan talks his way out of it. Probably by insinuating (or just saying) that he and Meg were sneaking off for a little sexy time. Perhaps not quite in those words. He will get throughly chewed out by Meg for this, I expect, but I also don't think he cares.

6. The accusation! And imprisonment of the protocol officer

Logan Echolls [userpic]

OOM: Making friends

January 31st, 2009 (10:06 pm)

Logan's hard at work on the pile of greasy dishes when a tall brown-haired woman ducks into diner's back room. "I just need five minutes," she mutters. "Just five, without someone yammering at me."

Then she spies Logan, and her eyes widen. "Um. I'm Annie, and I'm not crazy. At least, not crazier than anybody else."

Logan laughs, puts down the dish he's working on and leans against the sink. "I'm Logan. And I don't think you're crazier than anybody else. Susie's great, but she does go on, doesn't she?"

Annie nods, some of the tension going out of her face. She's younger than he thought at first, a few years older than he is, maybe. "So I'm taking my break in here. Just pretend I'm not here."

"Oh, no," Logan says. "You're not getting out of here that easily. I've been here a week. Why haven't I met you?"

She scowls at him, but it's clear she's not really mad. "Vacation. Where'd you show up from?"

"California. On my way to New York, but I broke down. I'm stuck here 'til my part comes in."

"So you're just earning some extra cash before you head on your merry way?"

He nods. "Something like that."

Annie smiles. "Well, it's nice to meet you, Logan. I'll be seeing you."

And with that, she ducks out, back to work.

By the end of the shift, though, the two are cracking jokes like old pals, swapping lies about themselves and teasing Susie. It's nice, Logan realizes. More than nice. It's really great.

As Annie takes off her apron and gets ready to leave for the day, Logan stops her. "You wanna grab a beer? Hang out for a while?"

She hesitates, then grins. "Yeah. Yeah, I'd like that."

They head over to the local dive bar, where they don't check IDs (because they all know each other anyway, Annie points out, and if she says he's OK, Jeff'll take her word) and only have domestics on tap.

It's great. A great time, a great bar, a great girl. Logan hasn't laughed that hard in months, hasn't liked anybody this much in even longer.

It's late, later than he'd meant to stay out, and it's with some reluctance that he settles his tab as the bartender gives him the familiar 'you can't stay here any longer' look.

Annie's grinning, and she looks just beautiful, her cheeks flushed, her eyes bright. "I've had a blast, Logan."

"Yeah, me too."

His gaze lingers on hers a moment too long, and she sobers. "I should go. I really, really should go."

"You don't have to," he says quietly. When she looks at him askance, he says, "You could come, stay with me. It's not much of a place I've got, but..."

Alarm fills her eyes and she starts back. "I can't. I've got to go."

"Annie," he says. "Annie, I didn't - "

"No. No. I can't."

And with that, she's gone, and Logan has to walk back to the motel alone.

Logan Echolls [userpic]


January 26th, 2009 (10:26 pm)

It was almost inevitable, really, Logan thinks as he closes the hood on his car. Go on a cross-country road trip with no real plan or expectation or, you know, money, and something bad is going to happen.

In this case, it was a smoking, overheated engine. Logan calls a tow truck outside Dayton, Ohio, and books a motel room near the garage.

He gets the bad news the next day.

"Yeah, your water pump's gone," the mechanic says soberly. "Blew a gasket, too."

Logan frowns. "That's expensive, right?"

"On this car?" the mechanic (his name patch says his name is 'Floyd') says, indicating the Land Rover. "Yeah. Gotta order the part."

Logan sighs. "How long's that gonna take?"

"Week, maybe," Floyd says, shrugging. "Maybe more. Depends. It's a holiday, innit?"

"Is it?" Logan asks, eyeing the man curiously.

"Yep," he says. "Just about New Year's Eve. So that could complicate things."

"Huh," Logan says. "Didn't realize that much time had gone by."

A night here, a night there - he hasn't been in any particular hurry. It's been a meandering trip. One that's apparently taken a toll on his car.

The mechanic's still staring at him, and Logan returns to the moment abruptly. "Any place around here I can get a job? Just 'til it's fixed?"

Floyd shrugs. "We've got a temp labor agency over 'cross the highway. Don't know how much work they'll have this time of year, but they might be able to get you something."

Logan nods. "You just look after my car."

Floyd nods back. "Can do. She's a fine piece of work."

An hour later, after a cold, fruitless walk to the labor agency, Logan's got a brand-new occupation: Snow-shoveler, dish-washer and busboy for the diner in motel.

It's not glamorous, but it'll do. Until his car gets fixed.

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